Whenever you look at something that has been designed, the first impression you get is usually the impression onto which you will build your opinion. Of course later on, someone else might offer you their opinion that could change your mind but you will have greatly been influence by your own original opinion to make up your mind. In visual design, it is important to give someone a good and lasting first impression so even if much later someone presents a different opinion to that person, you can still be confident of an original opinion that will not be altered.
Whether you are creating a resume, web page, brochure or invitation for a wedding, your aim is to pass on a message. The message must be passed on in a neat, clear and clean manner. Make sure that your audience does not drift away from the message and begin asking question about the font you used, the coloring or the overlay of images. Do not give them room to start questioning the visual design that was put into the invite or resume. Make sure that you come up with something that is neat and tidy. Do not crowd it with text or images.
In the business of visual design, you have to stick with clean design which ensures that whatever you are designing, the person seeing it is not crowded with things to look at. Make sure the message is clear enough for them and they do not have to search too much for it. If you are looking to make it creative, do it bearing in mind the fact that some people are turned off when you try to do too much to impress. Keep the design simple and clean while playing around with your creativity to make do with the little that you have added to the design you are making. Information must not get lost in the design; it should always be spotted easily.

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