Definition of Visual Designer
• The Visual design is about a piece of work that says something visually and emotionally by its appearance as well. It is not only that appears through the literary words.
• The Concepts
The very fundamental concepts of visual design consist of the color, typography, contrast, line, composition, texture, shape and space. The Colors and the white space usage recurrently stir up some specific moods. The Lines through the composition direct the viewers. The Typography is to make use of category as the design element. It helps in adding up the visual attention.
The Audience
• The Every work of art in visual design makes use of various concepts. The proposed audience can pattern its visual design for a piece of art. A work of piece mainly for the older and mature audience may give emphasis on the size (typography)of category and the contrast, whereas the piece of art which is directed towards the children might use the textures or the vivid colors.
The Adaptation
• The all of the elements of a visual design are based on these concepts, whereas the variations solely based on the profession. For instance, the Web designers must think about the interrelating graphic substance, the easiness of the navigation by the website, the imagery of the background and also the multimedia placement.
The Importance
• The best and Successful graphic designs greatly depend upon concrete visual concepts. The advertisements, signs, posters, leaflets and many other print resources are worthless without the effective visual design. The visual design in fact captures attention of the people and persuades them to examine the piece of art more cautiously.
• The Skills:
The skills which are required to visual designer: The Ability to maneuver the images or the layout in the software of Image Editing like Photoshop, Fireworks etc.

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